• About Us

    Brazos Paving is a site work contractor incorporated with the State of Texas and has been in continuos business since 1982. We employ over 100 individuals and have numerous crews for concrete flatwork, utilities, asphalt paving,demolition, site clearing, and earthwork. Our office is located in Bryan, TX with the majority of work being preformed in and around Brazos County.

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    What’s New


    Current Projects

    Texas A&M LAAH
    Scott & White Hospital - College Station, TX
    Easterwood Airport - College Station, TX
    College Main Reconstruction - Bryan, TX
    The Cottages of College Station, TX
    Texas A&M Kyle Field - TAMU, TX
    Plaza Reconstruction - College Station, TX
    The Stack - College Station, TX
    TAMU Liberal Arts - College Station, TX
    TAMU Parking Lot 37 - College Station, TX
    COCS Annual Asphalt Paving Contract
    COCS Annual Concrete Flatwork Contract


    Texas A&M Parking Lot

    Brazos Paving finalized contracts for the Texas A&M Parking Lot 37 Reconstruction. BPI will act as the General Contractor for the project. Read More

  • Materials

    Construction Materials

    Brazos Paving is situated on over 120 Acres off of HWY 21located between HWY 6 and HWY 47 in Bryan, TX. We mine on-site Sand and Select Fill and continually stockpile Asphalt Millings, Rip Rap, Fill Dirt, and Limestone base products of all grades. Along with our raw materials we are equipped with a Pug Mill to provide Cement Treated materials such as sand and base and have a registered truck scale on site to ensure you get the correct amount of material everytime.

    Current Materials

    • Aggregates
      - Limestone Base (Type A Grade I,II,A4 )
      - Limestone Rock (3/4" - 24")
      - Sand
      - Select Fill ( 7 PI - 18 PI)
      - Topsoil
      - Fill Dirt
      - Asphalt Millings
      Pug Mill
      - Pug Base
      - Cement Sand (TAMU spec / B/CS spec)
      Concrete Yard
      - We take demolished concrete
    • CU Structural Soil
  • Services

    • Concrete
      - Paving (Roads / Parking Lots / Driveways)
      - Monolithic Curb / Curb & Gutter / Retaining Walls
      - Sidewalks (Bike Paths / Walking Trails / GolfCart Paths)
      - Slabs (House Slabs, Carton Form, Piers)
      - Decorative (Brick Pavers / Colored / Stamped / Stained)
      - HMAC Paving (Roads / Parking Lots / TXDOT)
      - Excavation (Cut / Fill / Haul off)
      - Stabilization (Lime / Fly Ash / Cement)
      - Building Pad Preparation (Import Select Fill)
      - Road Base (Limestone Base / Crushed Concrete)
      - Backfill & Finish Grade (Topsoil Installation)
      - Paving (HMAC / Concrete)
      - Slabs (Patios / House / Transformer Pads)
      - Utilities ( PVC / RCP / RCB / Tunnels / Steel)
      - Storm Sewer (RCP / HDPE / RCB)
      - Sanitary Sewer
      - Waterline (PVC / Copper / Steel)
      - Structures (Inlets / Manholes / Headwalls)

  • Contact Info

    span class=tyle2">Estimating
    Billy Prewitt


    979.822.7605 Ext. 104

    Material Sales
    Billy Prewitt




    7601 HWY 21 West
    Bryan, TX 77807
    PO Box 714
    Bryan, TX 77806

    Martin Jackson


    979.822.7605 Ext. 104

    Our Location

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    Our Track Record Speaks for Its Self

    In over two decades of business, Brazos Paving has worked on numerous commercial, educational, and local and state government projects. In the past four years we have produced over 55 Million dollars in revenue without any liquidated damages or failure to complete work. All while preforming normally 90% of the work with our own forces.

    Brazos Paving also has the advantage of being employee owned and we have found this to be one of our largest assets. Because every employee has stock in the company's ability to succeed, every employee from the General Superintendent to the concrete formers strive to deliver the best possible work in the most productive manner. This is one of the reasons that over 80% of our work is from repeat customers.

    Along with ensuring customer satisfaction on every construction project, Brazos Paving prides itself on the ability to work efficiently and safely. As a member of The Associated General Contractors of America we take every step to ensure patrons, sub-contractors, and our employees stay out of harms way. This starts with proper training , weekly safety meetings, and OSHA certification classes. Along with these and other precautionary steps Brazos Paving has obtained an EMR of .65 and only three lost time accidents in the past seven years.